Préfailles Campsite, on the Pointe Saint Gildas, close to Pornic and its surroundings

Ideal location between La Vendée and Brittany

Eleovic Campsite is only 900m from the centre of Préfailles, with its shops and bi-weekly markets (Wednesday and Saturday mornings) You can reach the centre by following the coastline along the Sentier des Douaniers (Customs Officers’ path)

Activities for all ages!

Overview of all places around the campsite

Legendia Park

La Poitevinière
02 40 39 75 06

400 animals 3 unique shows 33 hectares Website:

St Nazaire


Océarium du Croisic

Avenue de Saint-Goustan
44490 Le Croisic
02 40 23 02 44


The machines of the island

Parc des Chantiers, Boulevard Léon Bureau, 44200 Nantes
0810 12 12 25


Château of the Dukes of Brittany

4, place Marc Elder
44000 Nantes
0811 464 644


Les Délices de L’Atelier St Michel

8 Rue du Chevecier, 44730 Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef
02 51 74 75 44

Pornic Adventures

Chemin des trois croix
Etang du Val Saint-Martin
44210 PORNIC
06 16 05 55 36

Curé Nantais

16 rue du Dr Auguste Guilmin 44210 Pornic
02 40 82 28 08


Centre ville de Pornic

Planète Sauvage Zoo | Eleovic Campsite – Préfailles, near Pornic

La Chevalerie
44710 Port-Saint-Père
02 40 04 82 82

Préfailles Tourist Office

29 grande rue
44 770 Préfailles
02 40 21 62 22

Pointe Saint Gildas semaphore | Eléovic Campsite – Pornic

Pointe Saint-Gildas, 44770 Préfailles
02 40 21 66 99

A must-see destination in the Pays de Retz – the Pointe Saint Gildas semaphore in[…]

Pornic Train Station

rue de la Gare
44 210 Pornic

Guérande: Medieval citadel


Huddled between land and sea in Pays de la Loire, Guérande is a town of[…]

Nantes Atlantique Airport

44346 Bouguenais
0 892 56 88 00
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There’s much more by the sea, as you leave the campsite

Pointe Saint Gildas in Préfailles, Loire-Atlantique (44)

Listed as a natural heritage site, the Pointe Saint Gildas is the second-most visited viewpoint in Loire-Atlantique. The plants are wildlife are protected, and the paths along the coast allow you to explore magnificent coves and cliffs, by bike or on foot.

To the north, the Bay of Bourgneuf is the land of mussels, oysters and clams as well as ‘boucot’ (grey shrimp). At the Pointe Saint Gildas are oysters, winkles and limpets. The port of Pointe Saint Gildas is a perfect spot for sea fishing lovers.

The Vélocéan allows you to cycle along the coastline of the Loire-Atlantique, from Guérande in the north to Bourgneuf-en-Retz in the south. There are also routes along the wild coastline that are suitable for mountain bikes.

By the sea, the Pointe Saint Gildas watersports club offers boat trips to suit everyone.

Towns near the campsite: Pornic, La Plaine sur Mer, Tharon Plage, Saint-Brévin les Pins and La Bernerie

On the other side of the bridge, towards the Loire estuary (30 mins): St Nazaire, Guérande, La Baule, Breton marshes

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