Visit the Castle of Pornic in Loire Atlantique

Pornic is an ideal place to spend a few days on vacation at camping Eleovic. Between its seaside resort and its historical and cultural heritage, you’ll be amazed by this Loire Atlantique commune, which is more touristy than it looks.

The history of Château de Pornic

The Château de Pornic is one of the town’s most important monuments. It has become the symbol of the town, attracting many tourists throughout the year.

The Château de Pornic dates back to the 10th century. At the time, it was made of wood and protected the entrance to Pornic. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the château became a stone castle. At the time, it belonged to Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc’s comrade-in-arms, who never wished to reside there.

During the 18th century, the château fell into disrepair. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the château was bought out and became a home for its new owner, Joseph Lebreton. However, without François Bougouin’s work, the château would not look the way it does today. This architect from Nantes decided to modernize the château and turn it into the Château de Pornic.

The Château de Pornic is now listed on the Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques. As a result, it has become private. However, it can be visited from time to time thanks to guided tours organized by Pornic Tourist Office and the Château’s current owner.

How to visit the Château de Pornic

Visits are possible but not every day of the year. In fact, the Château de Pornic can be rented out for company seminars or film shoots. So make sure in advance, on the website or by calling the Tourist Office in Pornic, that you can visit it during your stay.

As far as tours are concerned, there are two that allow you to visit the courtyards of the Château de Pornic:

  • Medieval and Maritime City. A visit that allows you to explore both Pornic and the gardens of its château.
  • Once upon a time… the Château de Pornic. This tour is accessible to children and presents the gardens of the Château de Pornic.

There are also tours of the interior of the Château de Pornic:

  • In the intimacy of the Château de Pornic. A visit that allows you to contemplate the residence and discover its living room, dining room, library and the top of the château tower, which offers an extraordinary view of Pornic harbor.
  • Guided tour of the Château de Pornic. The owner of Château de Pornic will be on hand to tell you more about the château and its past. A great way to learn more about this medieval castle, which fell into ruin before being rebuilt as the seaside resort it is today.

Finally, for indoor visits, remember to cover up sufficiently, as the Château de Pornic is not heated and the often closed rooms can easily freeze you.

What else can you visit in and around Pornic?

There’s more to Pornic than its sumptuous château. The town is a seaside resort offering a variety of activities to make tourists feel at home and want to come back.

  • Beaches for a bit of idleness, seaside reading andsporting activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and fishing…
  • The Ria Botanical Park: if you love nature, flowers, good smells and a change of scenery, you’ll love this botanical park.
  • Stroll along the Corniche de Gourmalon: a pedestrian path offering breathtaking views of both the port and Pornic castle. It’s a great way to take in the sights.
  • Stroll through Pornic’s narrow streets: Pornic’s narrow streets are sublime because they are cobbled. As a result, you’re immediately immersed in a grandiose historical ambience. As you stroll through Pornic, you’ll come across a number of pretty little shops, cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or a bite to eat in this commune rich in history.
  • Visit the Pornic earthenware factory: This is your chance to leave Pornic with your own white bowl, engraved with your name in the blue script that has made these bowls famous the world over.

A visit to Pornic is a promise of an invigorating cultural vacation where knowledge and relaxation are the watchwords.

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