The faïencerie of Pornic

In western France, in the Loire-Atlantique region, lies the town of Pornic. Known for its earthenware, Pornic is a tourist resort with an established reputation. Attracting thousands of tourists every year, Pornic is steeped in history, particularly that of its earthenware factory. Its flagship product, the little Breton bowl, is in every French cupboard.

The history of the Pornic earthenware factory

When it opened in 1947, the Pornic earthenware factory was known as Manufacture Bretonne de Faïences Artistiques. This is thanks to the Dryander family, who arrived in Pornic in 1939. The adventure begins with a small factory converted into a manufacturing plant, with a tiny store on the first floor.
The new factory was warmly welcomed by the local population, who hired no fewer than 80 people to decorate the earthenware, which arrived by the wagonload from the parent company in Lorraine. The faience factory’s business has never been manufacturing, only decorating.
In the 1950s, tourism returned to Pornic thanks to paid vacations. The new tourists were looking for souvenirs to take home, and the faïencerie understood this, creating the famous little Breton bowl, of which twenty million are still sold today.

The flagship product of the Family House

Famous for its distinctive Breton bowl, the faïencerie de Pornic is proud to continue production to this day.

In over 70 years of existence, Le Petit Breton has multiplied to sell twenty-two million copies, no less. Present in every French cupboard and in many souvenir stores, it travels and discovers the world. As a result, it can be found on the tables of Breton crêperies in Asia and the United States!

Each name is handwritten in a precise, typical Pornic calligraphy, imitating the pen-and-ink style of yesteryear. Each bowl must have the same handwriting, a goldsmith’s skill passed down through generations of decorators. And even if the calligraphy has remained the same since the beginning, Petit Breton has evolved with each new name.
Finally, each bowl is decorated with its signature blue imitation of Breton lace.

Family visits and workshops

To promote its unique, ancestral know-how, the Pornic earthenware factory organizes 45-minute guided tours with an experienced decorator who explains all the steps involved in creating a beautiful Breton bowl. The faïencerie also offers faïence painting workshops for children: a fun way to share age-old French know-how.

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Contact & location

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