Water activities

Pointe Saint Gildas is the perfect spot for water sports, sailing or fishing. A variety of activities are available.

  • Paddle-boarding, jet-skiing and tubing (1km)

    Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, come and have fun with family or friends, supervised by a qualified instructor. Activities begin at Pointe Saint Gildas.

  • Boat school in Préfailles (1,2km)

    Sailing academy, captaincy, room hire.

  • Sand yachting / Tharon (10km)

    Located in the middle of a seaside resort, there are various activities on offer. Enjoy the thrills of sand yachting, cruises and windsurfing, catamaran sailing or kayaking.

  • Kayaking / (11-15km)

    Try something new – kayaking in the sea. If you’re a beginner, the guide will adapt to your pace. Pornic and Préfailles.