Cultural outings

  • Semaphore (1 km)In the Pointe Saint Gildas Nature Reserve, come and explore the former semaphore, now automatised, which is rich in maritime and military history.
  • Pornic (10km)Explore the town of Pornic, nicknamed ‘the pearl of the Jade Coast’, with its iconic twelfth-century château. Have an ice-cream on the port and walk along the 45km of coastline. Go on the tourist train for a guided tour of the town’s history.
  • Pornic pottery works (11km)The pottery works have been a Pornic institution since the 18th century. The pottery works are open to visitors on Tuesdays and Thursdays, by reservation only. Learn more about the manufacturing process of these famous blue bowls.
  • Saint-Nazaire (30km)‘Saint-Nazaire, the port of all journeys’ is a collection of unique visits to the Port of Saint-Nazaire, themed around travel, which is closely linked to the town’s past and present.

    360° immersion allows you to imagine being in a submarine, visit the ocean liner shipyard and one of the biggest aeronautical hubs in Europe – the Air Bus company.

  • Parc de la Brière (35km): the Breton marshesCovering an area of 54,800 hectares, this regional park is currently the second-smallest natural park in France. On land and water, a flat-bottomed boat will take you into this unique world, with canals for roads and horizons of floodplains, glistening in the sun.
  • Guérande Medieval town (45km)The fortified hilltop town overlooks an area almost entirely surrounded by water, named the Guerland Peninsula. The history of the town has been shaped by the salt marshes, which have provided a source of wealth.
  • The salt marshes (46km)Learn more about the job of the salt workers and enjoy 1800 hectares of salt marshes, on a little train that will show you incredible views from the Pointe de PenBron. Enjoy a guided tour of the salt manufacturers. (Land of salt)